EMERGENCY RELIEF for China's Persecuted Christians

Christians in China are suffering the greatest spike of religious persecution in their history.
  1. Innocent people are being arrested, jailed, kidnapped, tortured and killed because of their faith.
  2. Christ-centered churches across the country are being shut down.
  3. Governmental actions over the last several months have created some of the most horrific human rights violations in our world today.
Please don't let our brothers and sisters suffer alone ... send them the physical and spiritual support they desperately need. Because of China's massive size and large population, there are pockets of the country in which increased surveillance and focused efforts to shut down Christianity and other religions make it difficult to do all we want to help, but there are other regions in which the full force of government oppression has yet to be felt.

Wherever possible, your gift to Liberty Relief International right now will help provide emergency aid to those experiencing such harsh persecution … PLUS you’ll empower our Christ-centered partners in the field to offer trauma counseling, Bibles and study materials, literacy and job training and help in rebuilding churches and homes. And prayer is always at the top of the list of requests that persecuted Christians of China make!

Thank you for your generosity toward China’s persecuted Christians.
End Religious Persecution in China!
Your gift is greatly appreciated!
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