LRI is on site to bring help and hope in Jesus’ name.

On September 28, 2022, CAT 4 Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida. Packing 155 mph winds and a catastrophic storm surge, Ian made landfall at Cayo Costa near Cape Coral and Fort Myers before cutting a wide swath of destruction and devastation throughout the region. The southwest coastal region and areas well inland suffered major damage from the storm surge, heavy rain and high winds. Other areas of Florida have also suffered substantial damage in flood zones.

In Ian’s ferocious wake, millions of people across Florida were without power while others have suffered the loss of their homes, businesses and personal property. Essential infrastructure, including bridges and roads, has been destroyed in historic proportions. Officials are calling Hurricane Ian a 500-year storm event.

Partner in LRI’s Relief Efforts Now!

Liberty Relief International is providing support to our on-site Christ-centered partners in providing humanitarian, spiritual and emotional support. Our twin goals are to (1) deliver tangible humanitarian relief, and (2) provide much-needed Christian love and comfort in this trying time.

One of our partners is distributing tens of thousands of hot, nourishing meals daily that bring tears of gratitude from victims and first responders alike. Another partner is helping with debris removal and damage mitigation as well as providing clothing, water and hygiene supplies to devastated people, some of whom have nothing left but what they can carry.
Beside meeting the immediate physical and material needs of those impacted by the storm, LRI is supporting teams of workers and volunteers who minister to emotional and spiritual needs, bringing hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

Here is how you can help:
  • Pray for all who are impacted by this ferocious storm and for the relief teams.

  • Generously donate to help us provide emergency relief.

Your gift today will assist us in providing urgently needed relief and support! Thank you for your compassionate response to those devastated by this catastrophic event.
Hurricane Ian Relief
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