"To have children is impossible for us..."

Apr 15, 2019

When Nora*, a Muslim and native Malaysian, accepted Jesus as her Savior, her entire world changed.

Though it is illegal to evangelize indigenous people in Malaysia, when Nora became friends with Daniel* through her work, he invited her to church, and she began to attend Bible study classes on the weekends.

Eventually, the two were married in a secret ceremony that even her parents could not know about or attend. Now, the couple has been married for ten years, but they have no children. Nora shared, through tears,

"My husband is a Christian. I am born Muslim. We were secretly married in church. We did not have a civil marriage and our marriage is not official. If I were to have a son or daughter and they discover I'm now a Christian, the child would be taken away by the Islamic authorities. To have children is impossible for us!"

Sadly, Nora's story is not unique in Muslim-controlled countries where extreme persecution of Christians takes many forms.

As Nora and her husband persevere in their faith, she says what she has learned from the Bibles and discipleship materials they have received have given them strength and hope for the future.

Liberty Relief International has a goal to send 2500 Bibles to severely persecuted Christians in 50 of the harshest countries of the world this month.

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God bless you,

Mat Staver

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*Names have been changed