Help Muslims Searching for Jesus

Apr 26, 2019

Many Muslims who have witnessed the darkness of terror are searching for Jesus and being transformed by Him. They need Bibles to read so that the Word of God may dwell in their hearts. Please help LRI reach our April goal to send 2500 Bibles to persecuted Christians, Muslim-background new believers and seekers today. - Mat


As I shared earlier this week, I am sickened by the despicable carnage of innocent people celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka. Our prayers continue for the families of the deceased, for those who were injured, and for the Christian community.

This tragedy underscores our need to pray and act on behalf of persecuted Christians who are being killed in record numbers.

The bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday claimed the lives of 359 people, leaving more than 500 injured and many more grief-stricken to bury their loved ones in the wake of such despicable bloodshed and hatred – and we have word that terrorism against Christians is going to increase this year. 

Your prayers and acts of compassion have a lasting impact. Did you know it has been reported that Christians in certain areas of the Middle East would have been entirely eradicated in the past few years if not for military presence and assistance from Christian humanitarian organizations?

Liberty Relief International is working with ministry partners in some of the most oppressed regions of the world to do more on behalf of persecuted believers – and we need your help.

The tragedy in Sri Lanka highlights the need to bring the good news of Jesus and the Word of God to people around the world. No one following the example of Jesus would perpetrate such terror. 

Many Muslims who have witnessed the darkness of terror are searching for Jesus and are being transformed by Him. That is why LRI is working with Christ-centered partners to provide urgently needed Bibles in native languages in Muslim-dominated countries.

The Bibles you help provide are making their way into the hands of persecuted Christians who have lost everything, to new believers with Muslim backgrounds and spiritual seekers who want to know more about Jesus.

Please send you best gift today to share the Word of God and humanitarian relief where it is most needed.

Your gift of 50, 100, 200 dollars or more today will make a life-changing difference to men, women and children who receive your gift of God's Word and the knowledge that you care.

You can make your tax-deductible gift safely online by clicking here, or on the banner below.

Remember the words of Jesus..."The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church." Please stand with LRI as we continue to share God's truth and love and pray for millions who are facing harsh persecution for their Christian faith around the world.

Thank you, in advance, for being a lifeline of compassion and provision to those in need!

God bless you,

Mat Staver

P.S. They need Bibles now. Please send your best gift today. Thank you!