Jesus Appeared For 30 Nights

May 30, 2019

Listen to our recent Faith & Freedom Podcast to hear more about the way Jesus is making Himself known to Muslims through dreams and visions. -Mat

When a Syrian Muslim named Adel encountered Jesus in his dreams every night for thirty nights, he sought to learn more about Him. Soon, Adel became a Christian and began leading a secret house church, which quickly made him a target of the secret police.

After his release from a 40-day prison sentence, Adel noticed that he was being followed by Mohammad, a secret police officer he had encountered in prison. Mohammad approached Adel and asked, "Why do you think I keep having dreams about Jesus?"

Adel was shocked and wondered if it was a trick.

Mohammad explained that he would listen in the shadows when Adel would recite Psalms in his call each day. The Word of God had pierced Mohammad's heart. Soon after, Jesus began appearing to him in his dreams and asking him, "Mohammad, why are you persecuting Me?"

Mohammad, who had questioned and interrogated many about converting to Christianity, became a believer when questioned by Jesus. Now, God is using Mohammad as he continues his job in the secret police, now as a secret Christian.

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*Adel's story can be read in full in the book, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? by pastor and missionary Tom Doyle. You will be encouraged by the stories he shares of people he has personally encountered who have come to faith in Christ through dreams and visions.