Dozens Killed "in the Name of Allah"

Feb 4, 2020

A new tragic string of jihadist terror in Burkina Faso has made the headlines as of late.

On January 25 in the city of Silgadji, jihadists reportedly killing "in the name of Allah" threatened men and women with death if they didn't convert to Islam. When all was said and done, 50 people were killed — including as many as 10 Christians, International Christian Concern said.

Then on Saturday, in a town called Lamdamol, the lives of at least 18 people were lost in another violent attack.

Extremist aggression against Christians in Burkina Faso has skyrocketed over the past two years, leaving roughly 500,000 displaced according to UN estimates.

When you consider that these numbers aren't merely numbers at all, but men, women and children — with families and friends and all loved by God — it is overwhelming to comprehend the heartache and loss people around the world are experiencing at the hands of radical Islam.

But you can give hope in even the most desperate of circumstances.

Liberty Relief International is committed to sending emergency relief to our Christ-centered partners on the ground where the need is greatest.

Your compassionate gift today will help minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters who have been targeted and displaced by such harsh persecution — in Burkina Faso and beyond.

Your generosity will make an impact today AND tomorrow in Jesus' name by way of trauma counseling, literacy and job training, home and church-rebuilding, distribution of Bible and discipleship materials and much more.

Please give generously today for the sake of those suffering for their faith all over the globe.

And take a few moments, even now, to pray for Christians and their families who need hope amidst all the pain and suffering inflicted through radical Islamic persecution.

Your prayers and support are truly a lifeline. Thank you!

God bless you,


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