Two Dozen Gunned Down at Burkina Faso Church

Feb 19, 2020

More tragic news out of Burkina Faso — a nation that has been plagued for months by violent anti-Christian persecution.

Several gunmen attacked a church Sunday — killing a pastor and 23 civilians, kidnapping three and injuring 18 others.

Christianity Today reports:

  1. Extremist violence has dramatically escalated recently in once-peaceful Burkina Faso...
  2. Prior to this latest attack, more than a dozen people were killed at an evangelical church last December, and back-to-back attacks last spring targeted Protestant and Catholic gatherings.

In addition, the country is becoming one of the fastest-growing humanitarian crises, according to the United Nations: The number of people displaced in Burkina Faso rose 10-fold in 2019 — with more than half a million people now internally displaced inside the country.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said recently after visiting three affected countries, including Burkina Faso:

“The real problem is here. The emergency is here. It is here that people are suffering, people are being killed, women are being raped, small children cannot go to school. It’s here that we must intervene before this crisis becomes unmanageable.”

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God bless you,


*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.