Spiritual Warfare in The Flesh

May 7, 2024

Be a Lifeline to the Hurting

Pakistan, as you know, is a difficult place to be a Christian.

Yet even in the poorest of the slums, the light of Jesus is shining.

These slums, according to Mission News Network, are home to horrific and brutal realities like “human trafficking and human sacrifice.” They’re often “controlled by witch doctors.”

But when one witch doctor “summoned two powerful demons to harm [Christians who came to share the gospel] ... things didn’t go as he expected. Concerning the demons, he later shared with the Christians, ‘I saw them burn up.’”

He questioned what had happened, and the missionaries told him: “Sir, we didn’t do anything. But the reason that those demons were burned up is because of Jesus and the power of God.”

They told him about the gospel, and he “gave his life to Christ ... immediately turned away from witchcraft” ... and is now being discipled by local believers!

Please rejoice with me today at this wonderful news — and join me in praying that God continues to develop a heart for the Lord in this man’s life. Then, please ...

Follow that prayer by giving a special gift of support to LRI today.

Your compassionate generosity will help reveal the promise of salvation and the hope of eternity in the hearts of those searching for truth in some of the most hostile places on earth ...

You’ll help open the eyes of others who are deceived and bound spiritually by oppressive religions and the occult ...

You’ll respond in love to those uprooted and forced from their homes because of their faith — kidnapped, discriminated against, imprisoned, tortured, raped, and worse ...

You will be a lifeline to those who need physical aid like emergency food, water, and medical assistance ...

You will provide Bibles, discipleship materials, literacy and job training, restorative help to rebuild churches and homes, trauma counseling ...

And much more.

Thank you in advance for responding to Christians, whether brand-new to the faith or well-grounded in the faith, who are targeted because of their faith.

Your generosity and prayers make testimonies like this one in Pakistan possible!

In His Service,

Mat Staver

*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.