Imagine 20 Years in Jail for Your Faith

May 23, 2024

Every dollar matters to our persecuted family

What were you doing 20 years ago today?

For two Christian men in the East African nation of Eritrea, it was the beginning of a long, painful, isolating time in prison — simply because of their faith in Jesus.

And it hasn’t ended.

According to Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB):

“Eritrean authorities arrested Reverend Haile Naizge and Dr Kuflu Gebremeskel [exactly 20 years ago]. Both were prominent religious leaders in the country, the former serving as the chair of the Full Gospel Church, and the latter as chair of the Eritrean Evangelical Alliance.

“They have been detained incommunicado ever since.”

No contact with loved ones. No solid reason for their imprisonment in the first place. Insufficient access to food, water, and medical attention.

It’s appalling but true. And it’s why Liberty Relief International is committed to ministering to persecuted Christians like these men, in hostile countries like Eritrea, and in times like these — with the help of friends like you.

FoRB goes on to explain: “The arbitrary arrests of these high-profile church leaders marked an escalation in a crackdown on Christians in Eritrea that began in earnest in May 2001 and continues to date.”

The tragedy of such injustice has been going on for decades.

But LRI’s local ministry partners are there, and in other countries and communities — encouraging the downtrodden, praying for an end to the persecution, feeding the hungry, comforting families and church bodies.

And YOUR partnership makes it possible. Please give generously today to keep it happening.

You will extend the compassion and love of Jesus to those who suffer greatly for the sake of the gospel.

As you give, you will empower our Christ-centered partners on the ground to provide humanitarian and spiritual assistance quickly to the individuals and families who most need it.

Every dollar matters to our persecuted family. Thank you for your generosity.

In His Service,

Mat Staver

*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.