You and I Are Called to Help

May 30, 2024

Help the oppressed

So many — too many — examples exist of the widespread persecution and violence against Christians, according to the Gatestone Institute — and on it goes, seemingly unabated:

  • In Nigeria: “Muslims killed about 200 Christians during raids on several villages in January, and then renamed the ‘conquered’ villages with Muslim names.”

  • In Burkina Faso: “Muslim gunmen stormed into a Catholic church during service. They opened fire and murdered 15 Christian worshippers.”

  • In Uganda: “Muslims beat and torched the home of ... a 34-year-old Christian father of three, due to his evangelical work.”

  • In South Sudan: “Christians who are fleeing the war in Sudan are facing persecution from Muslim refugees in both Darfur and the Wedwiel camp in South Sudan ... [T]he 2,000 refugees and internally displaced people in Sudan who have converted to Christianity from Islam all face the threat of persecution."

In news story after news story — community after community — life after life — month after month ...

Christ-followers endure violent attacks and utter brutality for their faith in Jesus. It’s a tragic and devastating reality. My heart breaks for the persecuted worldwide — and in hotspots like Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

But you and I are called to help the oppressed and plead the cause of orphans and widows in distress ... so, help them we must.

Please stand with LRI today.

Your donation right now will enable our partners on the ground — in dangerous regions of the world — to respond with humanitarian aid and spiritual support.

  1. You will provide emergency food, water, shelter, and safety to believers in need of immediate assistance amid unrest, terrorism, and war.

  2. Through your generosity, our Christ-centered partners on the front lines will also offer trauma counseling, literacy and job training, assistance in rebuilding churches and homes that have been attacked or destroyed.

  3. Plus, Bibles, discipleship training and materials, and more for new Christ-followers.

You and I have a God-given opportunity to make an immediate AND an eternal impact today.

I do hope you will take advantage of it.

Thank you for standing with LRI ... for joining hands with brothers and sisters in Christ in their pain and suffering.

In His Service,

Mat Staver

*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.