Christians Denied Justice in Islamist Pakistani Courts

Jun 4, 2024

Support and Strengthen People Oppressed for their Faith

What appears on your national identification card in Pakistan is more important than what’s in your heart — according to Pakistani authorities.

Morning Star News reports:

“A court in Pakistan denied a Christian victim of fake conversion to change the religious designation of Islam and the Muslim name that his Muslim employers fraudulently registered on his National Identity Card.”

The family’s attorney said, “[The victim’s employer] refused to give [the boy] back to his family, saying that the boy had converted to Islam and that he had adopted him as his son.”

Thankfully, the young man was eventually reunited with his parents. But that wasn’t the end of the debate.

They later discovered he had been registered illegally years before in the country’s national unjust legal action.

Did this evidence matter to the court? Not in the least.

While “Pakistan’s constitution [allows] citizens the right to profess, practice and propagate their religion ... '[this] case shows how this fundamental right is being denied to non-Muslims,'" the attorney said.

In countries where radical Islam is the foundation of every aspect of social, political, and community life, persecution of Christians and other believers runs rampant. Please pray for this family — and that justice will be served as this case moves through the court system.

And please give generously today, knowing that Liberty Relief International is dedicated to supporting and strengthening Christians in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Our Christ-centered partners in nations around the globe tangibly represent the love and compassion of our Savior when life is uncertain and persecution is ongoing ...

Your generosity goes a long way in providing emergency aid like safe shelter, food, and water when needed … spiritual and emotional support like counseling … practical help like job skills and literacy training for those who may have been displaced by civil unrest or targeted violence … the distribution of Bibles and discipleship materials to strengthen believers in their faith … and so much more.

Please reach out to the suffering today.

They need a friend like you in their corner!

Thank you in advance.

Mat Staver

*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.