Christians Left Reeling After Terrorists Strike Market

Jun 6, 2024

Healing for the Brokenhearted

“As Nigerians celebrated Democracy Day on May 29,” International Christian Concern reports, “gunmen attacked the Maro Junction Market” in a Christian-majority community in Kaduna state.

Locals say, “as many as 12 people were killed and 20 others injured.”

The terrorists “stormed the market around 3 p.m. and opened fire at innocent traders who were doing their normal business to make ends meet for themselves and their families.”

It’s tragic how notorious Nigeria has become for brutal, bloody attacks like this — and how dangerous the nation has become for Christians.

Nigerian believers have been massacred, kidnapped, tortured, murdered, driven from their communities ...

Their families and loved ones are left grieving, orphaned, widowed, homeless, displaced.

Will you send help to the brokenhearted today?

Liberty Relief International, as you know, is dedicated to serving as a lifeline to Christ-followers and others who have been targeted for their faith and need immediate physical aid, shelter and safety, emotional and spiritual support, trauma counseling, and more.

Your generosity enables our local partners — who minister to families and communities ravaged by violence — to offer hope and healing in the aftermath of attacks like this.

Please stand with us today. Every compassionate dollar matters to the body of Christ.

I cannot thank you enough for what you mean to the persecuted church worldwide … and how generous Christ-like friends like you have been.

May God bless you for your generosity and prayers.

In His service,

Mat Staver

*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.