Believers Like Ramata Are Grateful for You

Jun 11, 2024

Stand with Those Who Stand Firm in the Faith

Ramata grew up Muslim, but after she was saved at 17 years old, family members turned against her. Global Christian Relief published her story — it’s beautiful and sad, all at the same time:

My father was irate. He insisted that I stop attending church and that my new faith brought shame to our family.

But when I refused, my family kicked me out of our family home and cursed me. They forced me to enter a small room in a shed on the outskirts of our village... They locked the door and left me for dead. “God, give me the courage and strength to remain faithful to You,” I prayed.

After four long days, my family returned, shocked to see that I had survived. I assured them that it was only by the grace of God that I was still alive. Soon, every Christian in our village surrounded the building. I learned that they had asked the village chief to intervene on my behalf and order my release. My family had no choice but to obey.

I saw that God had been with me, just like He was with Joseph when his brothers threw him into a pit and abandoned him. God was faithful to rescue Joseph and He was faithful to rescue me.

Ramata grew up in West Africa, but her story could be told by faithful Christians around the world. Even in the face of trials, persecution, and abuse from family members or friends, brothers and sisters in Christ like Ramata stand firm in the faith.

Will you let them know they’re not alone today?

Liberty Relief International’s Christ-centered partners, empowered by your compassionate support, are on the ground ministering to believers like Ramata … to encourage, love, and support them in their often-difficult faith journey in hostile lands.

But as you give generously today, you’ll stand with them in Africa, in the Middle East, across Asia, and elsewhere by helping meet their most basic humanitarian needs … as well as provide hope through trauma counseling, spiritual support, and more.

Please join me in praying for Ramata today … for her physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being … that God would continue to be her Source of strength and safety.

Thank you for standing with LRI for thousands more like her. I am deeply grateful.

In His service,

Mat Staver

*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.