Now Is The Time To Get Involved

Jun 15, 2018

Around the world, Christians are facing more dire persecution every day. One such frightening situation is unfolding in Aleppo, Syria, that is having deadly consequences on tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities.

Considered to have the largest Christian population in Syria, Aleppo holds significant military value and as such, intense fighting continues raging with government forces controlling the Western part of the city and rebels controlling the east. As a result, more than 300,000 civilians are literally caught in the middle unable to leave, with no food, water, or medical attention.

A United Nations spokesperson said, we “are extremely concerned about the situation on the ground,” and are working to get civilians into UN supported camps. But that’s simply not an option for tens of thousands of Aleppo Christians who avoid going to UN camps because they are too often singled out, robbed, beaten, and tortured by hardline Muslims.

For these severely persecuted Christians, survival may depend on you and me.

Liberty Relief International supported camps are doing their utmost to mitigate this humanitarian crisis, delivering critical aid including food, water, and medical supplies to those with nothing. Even with intense fighting all around, our teams have worked to find ways to continue delivering relief. Click here to get involved.

According to one of our camp spokespeople working directly with refugees in Syria, the situation has become intolerable and tragic. “These Christians can’t afford food. They don’t have jobs that they can work … and can’t provide for their families. Many are in desperate need of food for themselves and their families.”

Now we’ve received word that ISIS is cutting off water sources that supply the region — adding to the misery of these desperate people.

The lack of water is impacting crops and livestock, creating food and water shortages for all people in the region. Click here to make a difference.